(UK) International Publishing Group

International Publishing Group Ltd is a London-based publishing house focused on Russia-related media. It comprises various publications and develops them according to the promptly shifting image of the publishing industry, adding social networks, events, and interactive video channels to the traditional printed media portfolio.

Our flagship publication is Russkaya Mysl – a monthly magazine, the primary source of analytical information and authoritative opinions for the Russian-speaking population in Europe possessing unique historical heritage. Since 1880 it has been the leading pan-European Russian language magazine. Since 2006 it is printed in the UK and distributed to subscribers all around the world. Among its authors were Ivan Bunin, Alexander Gerzen, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Joseph Brodsky, Serge Gainsbourg, Andrei Sakharov and many other legends. Nowadays the authors are well-known international bloggers interested in Russian heritage, politics, economics and culture. It has been enriched by the digest of the best articles and offers from «Literaturnaya Gazeta” (“Literature Gazette”).
In 2012 IPGL launched an intellectual publication for non-Russian speakers interested in contemporary Russian culture. Russian Mind is a quarterly magazine in English; the team organizes quarterly events dedicated to various aspects of contemporary cultures showing Russia without stereotypes.
London Info newspaper has been on the London market since 1997, being a city guide for Russian-speakers living in the UK. VV magazine is a bilingual Russian/English glossy magazine.

One of IPGL’s main goals is to educate emigrants and help them integrate into the local society, cherishing their native culture but getting to know the one of the country where they live now. It also aims to introduce the variety of Russian culture to other peoples and break social stereotypes that hinder international relations and cooperation.

IPGL has been a key partner of all Russia-related events since 1997, including a large-scale annual celebration of Maslenitsa (spring festival) on Trafalgar square, Russian Business Week and Russian Banking Forum, annual Russian Ballet Icons festival.

For this partnership, IPGL provides:
- Support of all partnership activities, particularly organization of London meeting in March 2015
- Сoverage of partnership activities in own publications and using IPGL’s wide media partners network
- Workshops, trainings in media, design, journalism, copywriting

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