(LT) Ассоциация «Молодежная инициативная группа»

Association “Youth Initiative Group” is a regional non-governmental organisation established in 2004. Initially, the organisation was created as one working with the youth belonging to national minorities in Lithuania; however, in few past years it has broadened the spectrum of its activities, and today the NGO works with all groups of young people.
To act for the good of the young people, improving their general competencies, creating a favourable environment for the process of improvement implementation, strengthening the potential of the organisation, which ensures the high quality and the efficiency of the activity.
“Youth Initiative Group” is a team of people, which is actively acting towards the personal and general improvement and empowerment of young people, creating dynamic space in the process of their work with the efficient learning within the frame.
1. (A1 – towards a person) Improve the general competencies of a young person.
2. (A2 – towards the environment) Create a favourable environment for the improvement of the young person.
3. (A1 – towards the organization) Strengthen the potential of the organisation “Youth Initiative Group”.

Association “Youth Initiative Group” collaborates with various funds, national institutions, youth organisations and unions of youth organisations from Lithuania, European Union and neighbour countries. Main activities of the organisation involve publishing, active citizenship, art, creativity, intellectual development.

For this partnership, the Association will:
- Provide organizational support and consultancy
- Contribute from its knowledge and original developments related to non-formal education of active citizenship and other topics
- Provide translations to Lithuanian as required
- Employ its own resources and network of partners to communicate and disseminate project announcements, events and products
- Provide other support of all partnership activities as will be agreed during the INITIATION Phase

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