(BY) New Faces

BYPU «New Faces» is a Belarusian NGO, registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus on February 20, 1997. BYPU «New Faces» is based on the democratic principles of openness, tolerance and equality, uses innovative approaches to its work and non-formal education methodologies, promotes the formation of an active civil position of young people in Belarus.
The BYPU «New Faces» aims at supporting youth initiatives in the areas of culture, education, information and environment, as well as at assisting the development of democratic youth movement in Belarus. «New Faces» is striving to international understanding and cooperation between young people, promotes peace and fights against intolerance and discrimination.
BYPU «New Faces» has been conducting activities such as international youth exchanges, training courses, conferences, educational seminars, campaigns, cultural festivals, workshops, publications on youth matters, partnership work with NGO’s of Belarus (Development of the Network of social organizations working with disadvantaged youth), etc.

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