(FR) Union des Russophones de France

Union des Russophones de France devotes much of its attention to questions of social and professional integration of Russian-speaking migrants from the former Soviet countries. The organization works with various categories of migrants including artists, musicians and painters, by participating in production of national and international art festivals. Emphasys is given on works related to collection and distribution of information regarding artists, exhibitions, concerts and festivals. Together with organizations participating in the Union, it organizes contests of Russian song, festival “Russian word, Russian soul”, the “International Festival of Children’s Theatres”. The Union is experienced in cooperation with local French authorities producing joint cultural events of large scale, among them a festival of Russian culture “Russenko” that takes place in a Paris surburb Kremlin-Bicêtre. In 2008-2010, the Union has been coordinating a Europe-wide exchange with European colleagues in a project called “Integration of Russian-speaking migrants”, under the LLP – Grundtvig programme.

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