(SK) Občianske združenie ROSSIJA

Civil association „ROSSIJA“ was formed in 2006 in the city Banska Bystrica – Slovak Republic.

The aims of the association are:
- Keeping national awareness of Russian-speaking people living in Slovakia
- Production activities in literal, musical, theatric, sports, publishing and archiving spheres
- Organization of educational and cultural events
- Work with children and youth
- Teaching Russian culture and language
- Encouragement and saving of Russian cultural heritage

Activities include:
- Concerts and exhibitions of Russian artistic groups, folk groups, singers, painters
- Co-organizing “Gypsy fire” – an annual multicultural project, well known and loved in Slovak Republic
- Editorial activities – book “General’s children”
- Traditional celebrations (e. g. “Winter fairytale”, “Women’s day”, “9 of May – Victory day against fascism”)
- Winter and summer thematic children camps specialized on teaching the Russian language and culture
- Evenings of Russian song and romance – concerts of Russian artists

Our association cooperates with:
- Russian, Byelorussian and Slovak embassies
- Banska Bystrica administration
- Russian center of science and culture
- A large number of civil associations and NGOs in Slovakia and abroad

For this partnership, the association will:
- Provide translations to Slovak as required, disseminate partnership information via its websites and network of partner institutions
- Contribute from its project experience, in particular regarding organization of summer camps and publishing work
- Support and consult in project coordination and management
- Support other project needs per its competencies as will be agreed during the INITIATION Phase

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