(GR) Центр поддержки молодежи “Эгео”

Center of Youths Support “EGEO” (ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΥΠΟΣΤΗΡΙΞΗΣ ΝΕΟΛΑΙΑΣ “ΑΙΓΑΙΟ”) has been established in 2006 in Thessaloniki. The name originates in the name of the Aegean Sea, washing the Greece shores. Our definition of youth is loose: all of the center’s members and activists are over 18 years old, most of them are under the age of 35.

Main objectives:
1. Help in adaptation of Russian-speakers in Greece
2. Streightening the ties between Russian speakers and local population in Greece
3. Promotion of tolerance and cooperation with other peoples and religions
4. Promotion of active social position
5. Contribution to educational and cultural development of migrants, including promotion of talents in various areas
6. Promotion of sports and healthy lifestyle
7. Humane treatment of animals and nature. Participation of migrants and youths in protection of the natural environment
8. Solidarity and general help and support for migrants

The Center exists for over 7 years and during this time has realised a large number of cultural and social events, targetting the above objectives. The Center is producing: educational lectures, learning excursions, sports competitions, festivals, concerts, contests, parties, beauty contests, blood donation actions. It also collects humanitarian help for families in need. A Thessaloniki forest cleaning action is planned in the near future.

During these years, Egeo has been joined by many activists. The participants of our events are coming from all over Europe, as well as from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Moldova. Our activists often take part in international events abroad.

We take special pride in our musical and theatrical Festival of Humour, that takes place every year in May since 2006. It is participated by groups from numerous countries, and the gala concert is watched by over 1000 spectators.

The Center’s events are produced jointly with and under support of the Central Macedonia Prefecture, Thessaloniki Mayor Office and other government and non-government organizations.

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