(DE) JunOst e.V.

Verband der russischsprachigen Jugend in Deutschland JunOst e.V. is the Association of Russian-speaking Youth in Germany. It has been founded by young immigrants from the former USSR as a children and youth organization. We are a nation-wide liberal, democratic, non-partisan organization that advocates for the integration of young migrants into the German society. We focus on integration work, extracurricular education and cultural work. In the international youth and cultural work, we organize a variety of events, such as exchanges and meet-ups, festivals, seminars and conferences. The association has several thousand members, organized nationwide in loosely structured youth clubs.
JUNOST is a member of djo – German Youth in Europe – through which it is represented in the German Federal Youth Council (DBJR).
Another goal of our association’s work, especially as related to with our international work is to network with other organizations in Europe that are acting to contribute to the interests of linguistic minorities in Europe in general, and the Russian-speaking minorities in particular. In this way, among other things, we are willing to contribute to a greater public awareness of the situation of the Russian-speaking minorities in the various countries of Europe.

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