Meeting in Helsinki 8-12.01.2015. Report.

General description.

During the cooperative work on the OUT movie the need for an additional meeting emerged. Logrus was responsible for the organization of the meeting that took place in Helsinki on 8 —12.01.2015. The organizers and film directors who had already shot and roughly edited their parts of the movie participated in the meeting. The meeting was dedicated to the joint planning of the feature film assembly and its further promotion.

As most of the partcipants had already finished the preliminary editing and even color grading of their parts of the movie — there was an important matter for discussion. Moreover, as a part of the technical preparation for the meeting Logrus equipped a compact media lab for editing and color grading of the movie; the color grading expert was invited.


Meeting included two parts:

1. Helsinki — Stockholm — Helsinki cruise. During the trip the participants got acquainted with northern capitals and got to know each other closely. The atmosphere facilitated the emergence of new ideas and new projects. The work meetings were dedicated to watching the film drafts and discussing the options for the final cut of the movie. The directors watched all the movie parts together for the first time; every director got a feedback from the colleagues. The most important topic for the discussion was the integrity of the movie: it was vital to decide what aspects (apart from the plot) would help to unite the parts of the film.

2. After the cruise the organizers and directors had two intensive working days in Helsinki Youth Department’s premises. The organizers started planning the promotion of the film: looking for the suitable film festivals, consulting with cinema industry expert that came together with Greek team, arranging the film screening on the film festival in Greece. The directors continued working on the draft cuts. In addition to it, the directors were

  • - creating the visual ideas for the animation incuts between the parts of the film,
  • - planning and editing the draft of the film trailer,
  • - discussing the color gamma of the film.


As a result of the meeting the following decisions were made:

  • - the actors’ voices should be recorded again for all of the film parts as the quality doesn’t satisfy the professional standards.
  • - the premiere screening in London that was previously arranged in February 2015, should be re-scheduled to April 2015 as postproduction requires more time.
  • - all the participants agreed on the necessity of the present meeting in Helsinki.
  • - the organizers arranged the terms for the project’s final report.
  • - the organizers arranged the possibility of submitting the new joint project.

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