During the period of 20 – 26 May 2014 at the hotel Grand Platon in Paralia Katerinis  and at the Ceremonial Hall of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , the Youth Support Center  «EGEO» held a special event – the musical theater festival «Humor unites youth ». The festival title was part of the actions «Thessaloniki 2014 – European Youth Capital ».

150 young people joined the festival from 12 countries: Greece, England, France, Finland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Luxembourg.

The festival covered a wide range of activities. Apart from theater teams KVN festival also took part organizers group, photographers and filmmakers. Each group followed a separated program, but nevertheless, there was interdependence between their programs. The organizers apart from participating in various seminars (workshops), also helped in the organization of the final show KVN in Thessaloniki. Photographers and filmmakers prepared photo and video material covering all festival activities. Moreover photographers took part with their work in a photo exhibition under the theme «A special look at the immigrants’ life» which was held on May 25th in the foyer of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki before the final KVN show. Also filmmakers continued the implementation of the film in partnership CMPI and presented the teasers to the festival goers. An effort was paid as part of the festival combine theory with practice .The main purpose was the exchange of experience and cooperation between young people from different countries. Emphasis was placed on familiarizing young people with the Greek culture and the sights of Central Macedonia.

The program of musical-theatrical festival “Humor unites youth” was consisted of:

  • Entertainment programs and sport activities
  • Tours in Thessaloniki, the Museum Royal Tombs at Vergina, Dion and Olympus
  • Seminars (workshops) and courses for each group of participants, conducted by Greek and foreign specialists
  • Slavery on wikisite ( under Grundtvig Partnership
  • Continue the implementation of the film by filmmakers under Grundtvig Partnership
  • Final KVN show involving all the theater teams and photo exhibition « A special look at the life of immigrants » that took place in the ceremonial hall of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on May 25.

The group of theater teams KVN

The main purpose of the 12 theater teams KVN was their excellent participation in the final performance of the festival held on 05.25.2014 at 17:00 in the Ceremonial Hall of the Aristotle University, which was visited by more than 800 people. Every day with the aid of the special educators was held rehearsals, seminars and courses on the subject in KVN Theater.

The experts that have worked with groups and carried out about 10 courses and seminars are:

  • Andreev Konstantin (Germany) – director of the West-European league KVN
  • Sarmpas Roman (Greece) – editor of the Greek league KVN
  • Ryaboshapka Alexey (Russia) – specialist from League KVN of Leningrad region
  • Lichaciov Sergej (Lithuania) – specialist from Lithuanian League KVN
  • Martinuk Mikhail (Ukraine) – specialist from the organization «95 Kvartal»

The group of organizers

The group was consisted of the 12 chairmans of the organizations that took part in the festival. The main purpose of the organizers was to exchange experiences with each other and develop cooperative relations. As part of the festival on 05.21.2014 the group visited the headquarters of “Thessaloniki 2014 – European youth capital” where the heads of the organizations met with the leaders and informed them about their actions. They also held seminars and courses for the purpose of education in organization of large and complex events. In addition, emphasis was given on the proper preparation of various projects for the participation in European programs.

The experts that have worked with the group of the organizers and made a total of eight courses and seminars are:

  • Tsakalidis Valerios (Greece) – Chairman of YSC “Egeo”
  • Rubinovich Igor (Czech Republic) – Chairman of the organization “Pragmatiki”
  • Kudriavtseva Olga (England) – Responsible for the organization of events organization “International Publishing Group Ltd”
  • Levina Alla (Russia) – Representative of the Directorate of youth policy of Leningrad region

The group of photographers

The main purpose of the 7 photographers was to exhibit their projects in the photography exhibition «A special look at the immigrant’s life » and preparation of the photographic material, covering the entire range of festival activities.

The photo exhibition was held at the Ceremonial Hall of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on May 25, 2014 and was visited by 800 people. The Jury awarded the photographer Tatiana Kitaeva, who is from Czech Republic, for her work.

The 8 seminars and courses for the group was made by photographer and director Damian Maximov (Greece) representing the YSC “EGEO”.

The group of filmmakers

The main purpose of the 10 filmmakers was the continuity in the implementation of the film (Gruntdvig Partnership), the filmmakers continued implementation of the film in partnership CMPI, the presentation of the participants of the festival and the preparation of video material on all festival activities. On May 23, the group visited the Cinema Museum and the exhibition of known Greek directors, called «Story board».

The experts who have worked with the group of organizers and made overall 6 courses and seminars are:

  • Zahariades Kritonas (Greece) – actor and director, lecturer in Higher and Further education
  • Damianos Maximov – photographer and director of YSC “Egeo”.

The joint program

Every day, during the period of 21 until 26 May held sports activities (beach volley, beach football), at which many teams from each participating country of the festival took part. Moreover, during the festival period held many interesting parties. Attention was paid at the work on wiki site (

On May 22 all our guests took part in a wonderful excursion in Vergina -Dione – Olympos and on May 25 in the morning in an excursion at Thessaloniki. On May 24 was the teasers viewing, which was prepared by the filmmaker’s group.

On May 25, the photography exhibition «A special look at the immigrant’s life» was visited by 800 people from Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia. Then they attended the final three-hour show KVN, in which 12 theater groups took part. The festival ended with impressive farewell party.

Dissemination and Exploitation of Results

During the festival 3000 posters were printed and posted at all buses (public transport) and at the central parts of Thessaloniki.  Also, photo and video materials, printed and electronic publications were created. Dissemination of the results of the action started from official websites of the musical-theatrical festival KVN and YSC “EGEO”. At the same time everything, was posted on social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

Information about the festival was published in newspapers and informative websites in Greece and abroad, such as:

  • Weekly Russian-speaking newspaper “MIR AND OMONIA”
  • Weekly Russian-speaking newspaper “AFINSKII KOURIER”
  • Monthly free informative Russian-speaking newspaper in Thessaloniki “BRIZ”
  • Informative site
  • Informative online magazine
  • Informative site

More information about the KVN festival is at many other printed and electronic information tools.

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