Press Release: First meeting of CMPIP – KOLORITfest 2013 post-release

The members of CMPIP are proud to announce the completion of the realization of the first meeting of the Partnership that has taken place in Prague on October 6-13, 2013, as has been planned initially.

All the activities of the meeting were completed in a timely fashion and at satisfactory level of quality.

Full information about the meeting and its participants, photo and other materials may be found at www.koloritfest.org, and in social networks – Facebook: www.facebook.com/koloritfest, VK.com: www.vk.com/koloritfest.


A total of 90 visitors complemented by over 20 local participants had taken part in the event. As planned, about 8 delegates had participated from each of the 12 participating countries, split into the following groups:

  • 2 orgainizers/producers of public events
  • 1 filmmaker
  • 1 vocalist
  • 4 band members of a prospective band

Each of the groups has been taken through a set of conference sessions, discussions, master-classes and workshops. All participants had enjoyed  a tour of Prague and optionally visited the Terezin concentration camp.

Every day of the conference ended with a public event at one of Prague’s venues: 4 concerts of 2-3 bands, the film festival “Place Code” and the vocal contest “KOLORIT”.

Conference and Products

As part of the conference sessions, the work on two main products of the Partnership has been commenced:

  • Video document: the filmmakers had been introduced to the task and were working in a group on a production plan for the future film. Discussions among organizers/producers had included the split of the task to secure sufficient financial and other conditions for the work of the filmmakers.
  • Wiki website: organizers and artists have been split into working groups around the predefined subjects and had commenced work on all of them, presenting the results in intermediate and final review sessions.

Master Classes

The master classes for each of the groups had been conducted by professionals in each area:

Vocalists and bands - Representatives of the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory (KJJ) in Prague: Štepan Markovič, Tomaš Beroun, and well-known Czech musicians Erika Fečova, Filip Gondolan and Jakub Doležal. The master classes were visited by both interested groups, in particular the vocalists enjoyed visiting  the more general classes for bands.

Filmmakers - Representatives of Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) had conducted several master-classes related to the main task of this group – to come up with a production plan for the future film. The classes were given by Antonín Weiser, Tomáš Pavlíček, Viktorie Dzurenkova and Ranjan Rampal who together made up a team covering a range of appropriate disciplines. The delegates were also taken to a short overview of Barrandov Studios – the primary film and TV studio complex of Czech Republic.

Organizers - workshops related to production were conducted by Barbora Šubrtová – speaker of the United Islands České Spořitelny Festival, Lenka Tyrpáková – Program Director of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF) and Jelena Silajdzic – Founder of the World Roma Festival Khamoro. Many similarities to the job of the visiting organizers were observed, while the different scale and the experience span of the presenters provided new useful findings.

Public Events

The public events took place in various venues of Prague every day of the meeting, providing all delegate artists an opportunity to express their art in truly international settings. It has been a pleasure to observe the variety of styles and the fresh streams in art forms, the sounds and the visuals. Every public event had been filmed by two of the delegate filmmakers and short video reports will soon  be published.

The events at the same time provided an informal communication space for all the delegates not directly involved in them and for locals to network and share experiences. It is a pleasure to note that despite any skepticism the Czech organizers were having on this matter, all visiting parties had a keen interest in the arts of the other parties and the attendance, although not declared as mandatory, has been over 90%.

Film Festival “Place Code” - The Belarussian filmmaker Andrei Ivanov for his short “Hounted house”. It is interesting to note that the film festival has spawned a will to show the films in other participating countries. First such screening has taken place in Finland on Oct 30th, involving a viewers vote – the  results closely matched the decision of the professional jury in Prague.

Jury had been composed of FAMU professionals: Tomáš Pavlíček, Rajan Rampal,  Viktorie Dzurenkova and Kristina Weizerova. We are thankful for their time and objectivity.

Due to the fact that some film festivals do not accept films that had been published on the Internet, we delay the publication of the participating films until October 2014 – this will allow the filmmakers to present their works at such festivals.

Vocal Contest ”KOLORIT” - Was won by the Greek singer Anna Karapetova. The overall professional level of the singers had been very high and the excitement was all over the contest hall.

The jury had been composed of: Eduart Klezla (singer, vocal coach and managing director of KJJ), Hana Peckova and Tomaš Beroun (musical/opera singers and vocal coaches at KJJ) and Andrei Beschastny (opera soloist). We are thankful to the jury for their contribution and judgement.

PR / Engagement / Dissemination

Every accessible means of PR had been used by the hosting party and the partners to share the information about the upcoming conference and its public events. This included, first and foremost, publications on partners’ websites and distribution through social media channels, publications in online and offline media and distribution through organizations’ own partner networks. A special set of 7 different posters had been designed by different designers for the campaign, that has been executed in three steps:

1. Candidate selection (August): the requirements to  the partners in every participating country included public announcements and a selection process consisting of auditions/interviews with the prospective delegates. This process has initiated interest in the project within the appropriate social circles – namely migrant artists, musicians and filmmakers. The response rate had been very high in some countries.

The website and the social network pages were started prior to this step, striving to focus as much of the interaction as possible around the online community for maximum interrelation of the involved persons and social circles during and, mainly, after the meeting.

2. Events promotion (late September – early October): the hosts had applied the advertising channels at their disposal – websites, social network advertising, outdoor, printed media, partner networks. Press releases had been sent to all major media in Czech Republic to announce the upcoming events and their goals.

3. Promotion during the event: during the  whole week of the meeting a dedicated team composed of festival delegates had been regularly (2-3 times a day) publishing photos and articles  at the KOLORITfest website further distributing them via social networks.

We must admit here the organizers were expecting higher public attendance and are drawing the conclusions regarding improvements that should be made for future, some of which will be readily applied to help the organizers of the meeting in Greece on May 2014.

4. Post-event PR (ongoing): Photos and videos are still published as they are processed, mainly via social networks. About 100 people have joined our page after the event had ended. The burst of the online interactions during the “aftermath” period has shown a huge engagement of both the delegates and their peers in their personal netwroks.

Here are some figures of the Facebook activities for the whole period – do notice the peaks at the critical points such as Oct 6th and Oct 14th, and the clear rise of engagement after Oct 14th.

post reach likes comments shares total reach

Multiculturalism / Integration

Many efforts have been put into providing the public information in English, Russian and Czech to engage as wide audience as possible. A steady percentage of locals among the visitors of the public events adequate to the overall public attendance has shown some interest of the general public.

Interactions with Czech professionals during master-classes and workshops further contributed to better appreciation of the conference topics within the professional circles related to arts and production and paved the way for future cooperation.

Internally, the meeting had achieved the recognition of the cultural diversity of people who relate themselves to the Russian-speakers’ culture. Some representatives (notably from Slovakia and France) were not Russian-speakers at all – the organizers had made all the attempts to allow them free communication by providing translations or separate explanations to those.

We have achieved the goal of demonstrating to the delegates and the general public the influence of local cultures on the migrants at various stages of their integration as expressed in their behaviors, attitudes, language and arts. As such, it had been interesting to observe the “Frenchness” of the French Russian-speakers, the “Finnishness” of the Finnish delegates and so on. Commonalities derived from the original culture however pertain, demonstrating the existence of a common cultural code and helping the communication across borders.

Current work / Further Steps

CMPIP is going on.

At the conference, the Greek partners had presented their event all partners are heading for in May 2014 that will be focused on stage arts and photography. It’s also worthwhile to mention that on September 30th  the Greek partner with the support of the Czech partner had submitted an application to the Youth in Action programme to keep the non-EU members of CMPIP involved in our activities. All partners are currently expecting to receive the delegates requirements from the Greek partner.

The work on CMPIP Wiki has been commenced and continues and it will be made public as soon as its contents take a firmer shape.

Partners are making steps to support the production of the video document by means of public grants, crowd-funding and sponsoring.

Also, the the Czech partner will be looking for further ways to finance the next years’ KOLORITfest. Unfortunately it cannot be a part of CMPIP, however we are grateful to the EU programmes for allowing us the opportunity to start something big.


We are thankful to all the partners who helped us produce this complex event. First and foremost –  the EU programmes Grundtvig and YiA and the highly professional consultants. Our primary sponsor - CRESTYL, our transport sponsor - Runwell Rent-a-Car, our main media partner - Prague Express.

Our educational partners also deserve a special note – we are thankful to KJJ and FAMU, to all the teachers and presenters for their invaluable time and contribution.

Thanks are well deserved by our volunteers and friends who had made it possible for us to live through this task staying focused and to accomplish all the big and little things that made the event happen.

Huge thanks to all of you!


We love to regard this event not as something that has been and gone, but rather as a first step on the way to more useful and exciting work, and are eager to see how the project will develop.

Please stay tuned.

On behalf of the CMPIP team,
Igor Rubinovich
CMPIP Coordinator

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