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Press Release – KOLORITfest 2013

PRAGUE, 16 JULY 2013

Klub PRAGmatiki is pleased to announce the official kickoff of KOLORITfest 2013, the International Musical Festival of Russian-speakers’ Culture, that will take place during Oct 6-13, 2013 at numerous locations in Prague, Czech Republic.

Delegates of the Festival will include artists and organizers/producers of cultural events, media and other cultural production from Belarus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Lithuania, Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, United Kingdom and Ukraine.

The event will continue for 7 days and will be composed of four main parts:

  • Performances by visiting and local bands – a daily series of gigs in Prague’s various venues
  • Vocal Contest “Kolorit 2013” – will gather talented vocal performers
  • Short movie contest “Place Code” – will present original movies depicting the variety of views video artists are taking on the life, culture and traditions of their current city of residence
  • Master classes and knowledge exchange sessions for both artists and producers

On the last day of the Festival visitors will enjoy a massive Gala concert that will include performances by local and visiting bands, Vocal Contest “Kolorit 2013” and a performance by a headliner (to be identified).

The Festival will provide a networking opportunity for Russian-speaking creatives, as well as a chance for other cultures to appreciate the contemporary culture of Russian-speakers, thus supporting integration, international and intercultural cooperation.

The goals of the festival are as follows:

  • Demonstrate elements of modern Russian-speaking culture to the European society, aiming to improve mutual integration and the perception of the Russian-speaking world through contemporary arts and international cooperation
  • Present the variety of contemporary musical arts
  • Discover new talents among Russian-speaking youths in Europe and beyond
  • Unite creatives from Europe and beyond
  • Provide favorable conditions for further creative initiatives
  • Improve the mutual relationship between Russian-speakers and the majority populations in Europe and beyond

KOLORITfest is naturally continues the tradition of a series of multicultural Russian-speakers’ talent contest-festivals “Kolorit” held in Prague by Klub PRAGmatiki in the years 2009, 2010, 2011  and 2012.

At present, KOLORITfest is in the Initiation stage, during which delegates will be selected by means of an open call, castings, interviews and pre-selection rounds.

Events schedule, updates, useful info and contacts will be published on the KOLORITfest official website at

We call for sponsors and media partners to contact us regarding advertising opportunities and terms of partnership.

We also call for creative professionals, enthusiasts and volunteers willing to contribute to the festival to contact us to find out how they can help us make this an even greater event.

The organizers are impatient to see the colors the various participants will bring into the festival. We are confident the overall picture will be worth a million words. Off we go!

On behalf of the KOLORITfest team

Igor Rubinovich
Klub PRAGmatiki

For more info:

Tel.: +420 739 545 278

Press Release – CMPIP Initiation Stage

PRAGUE, 16 JULY 2013

We are pleased to announce the beginning of the two-year long Culture and Media Production as a Tool for Integration Partnership under the support of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme – Grundtvig.

Seven member organizations have entered the Partnership that will over the two years of its work focus on issues related to realization of cultural events, media and other cultural production in migrant environment, specifically focusing on challenges Russian-speaking migrants are facing anywhere in the world.

The Partners represent the following seven countries: Czech Republic, Greece, UK, Netherlands, Finland, Slovakia, Lithuania and France.

All partner organizations are working with Russian-speaking communities in their countries on a daily basis, striving to improve their adaptation to the environment, while making significant efforts to improve the mutual relationships between Russian-speakers and the majority population in their country and beyond. They do so by combining various forms of cultural production such as events and media publishing, in many cases involving both migrants and locals to contribute to integration during projects and after their completion.

The CMPI Partnership will focus on exchanging the knowledge and experience of the partners while providing an internationally covered space for artistic expression of Russian-speaking migrants. Space for physical introductions, teamwork and presentation of performances, media and other works of art will be provided at three international events integrated into the Partnership:

  • Oct 2013 – Prague, Czech Republic – KOLORITfest - International Festival of Russian-Language Culture
  • May 2014 – Chalkidiki, Greece – International Humour Festival
  • March 2015 – London, UK – International Maslenitsa Festival

During the events and between them, the Partnership will develop the following products:

  • a Wiki website discussing and providing useful information on topics related to realization of culture and media production in a migrant environment
  • a video document depicting the life and the integration efforts of the Russian-speaking communities in the countries of their residence

At present, the Partnership is in the Initiation stage, with members preparing for the first visit in Prague, where they will be joined by five organizations from Germany, Belarus, Russia, Israel and Ukraine. These organizations, dealing with similar challenges in their countries, will be actively participating in the Partnership work, and are thus assigned a Participant status in terms of the CMPI Partnership. The mobility of these Participants is supported by the EU Youth in Action programme.
We encourage other organizations of common interest willing to actively contribute to the Partnership to request participant status using the contacts below.

The CMPI Partnership news and press-releases as well as information related to the Partners and Participants will be available on the Partnership website at
We call media partners, sponsors and any other interested parties to contact us regarding any common opportunity to be discussed.

The Partners are confident that all the participating, partnering and following organizations and individuals will enjoy the benefits of work and exposure in a pan-european project and gain a unique and invaluable experience. We are eager to witness the realization of our vision and the implied improvements in our communities and the European society.

On behalf of the Partnership team,

Igor Rubinovich

For more info:

Tel.: +420 739 545 278