About the partnership

This learning partnership will gather migrant community leaders, activists (staff) and artists (trainees) from various countries, who will contribute from their knowledge, talent an passion for integration via culture.

The educational activities planned:

  • Culture and media production as a tool for integration
  • Staff will go through a process of mutual learning, whereas they will exchange and document their knowledge regarding the mobilization of creative talent of migrants of various ages and the use of cultural production and media to promote social inclusion, intercultural dialogue and tolerance.
  • Creative trainings in the areas of culture and media
  • Trainees will go through a series of master classes and workshops by professionals in the areas of performing arts and media to enrich their creative skills
  • Three partnership meetings including learning sessions, exchange workshops and master classes by experienced social event producers in the field and creative professionals who use their work to contribute to intercultural awareness, and a series of public events (activities) presented by trainees and organized by staff allowing both groups to directly apply the knowledge acquired
  • Joint work on the partnership products – both during meetings and remotely

As main products we will create:

  • The partnership metings
  • A Wiki website that will document and disseminate the gained knowledge for future reference and ongoing development by partnership members and other interested parties
  • A quality video document filmed by partnership members, depicting migrant life and integration efforts in EU
  • A network of migrant activists and artists that will contribute to cultural inclusion and cohesion by blending artistic expression of different cultural backgrounds

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